Top 5 Remodel Projects For The Highest ROI

To almost no ones surprise, the top two out of five remodeling projects which tend to bring the greatest ROI (return on investment) remain your kitchen and your baths. It is almost a necessity in todays real estate market to have an updated kitchen and bath, hopefully in the last 10 years, but preferably in the last 5 years. While many homeowners attempt to add some individuality to these two areas, the safest approach is to try to remain as neutral as possible, especially if a resale of the property is contemplated in the near future. Left to their own devices, many buyers will overestimate the actual amount of money it will take to change your version of perfection to suit their own tastes immediately, especially if they add in the price of luxury appliances for their dream rooms and then subtract that amount from their purchase offer. The safer alternative is to have a neutral kitchen and bath that the prospective buyer may not actually be in love with, but can see themselves living with for a while, until they get around to their own remodel.
The top 5 projects are:

1 The Kitchen

2. The Bath(s)

3.The Deck

4. The Siding

5. The Windows.

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