Custom Doors For IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

While some may look down on IKEA kitchen cabinets, it is well known in the industry that these products are very durable, very budget conscious and relatively easy to install. While the boxes themselves are not often made of real wood, it is a fact that the materials that are used in their construction are the very same materials used by the higher end manufacturers as well. The only difference is the price, which IKEA keeps low by mass producing a limited number of sizes and a limited selection of sometimes less than attractive door fronts. A new company has now come up with the not so new idea of producing custom door fronts for existing or new IKEA cabinet boxes. You simply order your cabinets from IKEA, minus the doors, send the company your kitchen plans, from IKEA’s own kitchen design program or your own design plans and then wait for your doors to arrive separately. There appear to be quite a number of options available. This may go a long way towards getting the truly custom kitchen look you really want at a fraction of the price that you had expected to pay. For more information:

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