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A Cosmetic Kitchen Makeover For Higher Resale Value


If you are planning to sell, kitchen improvements have one of the highest returns on your investment in terms of getting a good price for your home.

Uncovering the Good:
When you start any redesign – think about what is good in the space and what is not. Are the wood floors in bad shape and in need of a few layers of room brightening porch paint? Are the windows covered in dated window treatments that block out natural light? Are the countertops nice but simply covered with too much stuff? Be honest with yourself about the space.

Work With What You Have:
Once you know what works well in the space then you can work from there and take the focus away from what is not working by literally removing it or making it less of a focus.
One easy fix is changing the wall color. By changing these walls from a dark green to a sunny yellow, the kitchen now has a more uplifting feel.
If the cabinets were dark wood or very dated, they could be primed and painted white. Fortunately, in this case they were already white and in good shape. Drawer pulls and knob hardware was changed to give an instant new look, which is something you can do yourself.
Lighting is a big thing. The dated fixture over the sink was changed to a schoolhouse pendant light bought on sale. Then, over the island, a halogen spot track unit worked well into the style of the space and is used to add warmth to the overall space. Lighting truly makes good design come to life.
When you do a cosmetic makeover, you don’t have to rip everything out and start over – you make what you have better. In this kitchen, the stainless steel sink was good, but to give it a more updated look the faucet was changed out with a new one.
If your kitchen has beat-up upper cabinets, you could remove them and install open shelving that gets painted white and displays only your everyday dinnerware and glassware. Something as simple as that can truly give a space or wall a facelift.The appliances in this kitchen were new, so that saved money. If you need to buy new ones for your space this is where it is wise to invest your money. Yes, stainless is still trendy, but white is always classic and works great with various styles and is always a good selling point on a home. Fortunately, you can now get the high-end look without the big price tag. Shop around and compare prices.

The last visual change in this room is the styling. For example, a tray that holds cooking spices and oils by the stove, a basket of fruit, simple canisters, a few matching props, a new cutting board and some flowers. You can set a stage for your everyday living that says “welcome home” to your family, friends and potential buyers. The kitchen will always remain the heart of the home no matter how much or how little money you spend to make it better. Be creative with what you have.

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